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Ultraviolet | Dark Purple Water Lily

Ultraviolet Annual Waterlily

Lush, full flowers in intense shades of violet-purple on this spectacular tropical waterlily! Bright yellow centers simply POP with color and contrast nicely with the intensity of the petals and heavily mottled pads. Spread is typically 4-6 feet in diameter, but a larger container will help to produce a larger spread! Blooms beautifully throughout the summer when properly fertilized with Waterlily World Fertilizer Tabbs or Landon Granular Fertilizer. This AWARD WINNING waterlily is one of the very best tropicals that we sell!

Planting Instructions

Plant in a wide, shallow container (larger containers will help to grow waterlilies with a wider spread with more blooms) using heavy loam soil or aquatic planting media. Fertilize once a month with WATERLILY WORLD FERTILIZER TABBS or once every 80-90 days with LANDON GRANULAR FERTILIZER. Plant in full sun 1-2 feet beneath the surface of the water. 

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