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Red Star Ludwigia | Ludwigia glandulosa | Emergent Oxygenating Plant

Red Star Ludwigia

Originating from North America, this lovely oxygenating pond plant is red to reddish green to olive green in color, depending on the light conditions along with fertilizers and nutrients in the pond. Grows above as well as below the surface of the water. Grows well in full sun to part shade and roots may be planted in a small container of gravel or sand or simply tucked into the substrate. Propagates from stem cuttings and is very easy to grow. This little beauty adds oxygen to the water and adds an interesting element to your water garden feature with unusual color. Adds cover for small fish and tadpoles. Quickly becoming more popular as people become more familiar with this unique specimen. 

Planting Instructions


 Simply tuck the stems into the substrate at the shallow end of your pond or plant in containers of gravel or sand and place 6-18 inches deep, or on the shelves of your pond.

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