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Giant Papyrus | Cyperus | Bareroot

Giant Papyrus (Cyperus) Bareroot

Plants grow quite tall, often 6-8 feet tall with beautiful, feathery, mop top umbels atop triangular stems. Adds beauty and exotic mistique to any water feature in large containers on your deck or patio or in the shallow end of your pond or water feature! 

Planting Instructions

Plant in large containers using heavy loam soil. If planting in your pond, place containers where there will be a couple of inches of water over the top of the pot. If planting in the yard or in containers, be mindful of windy conditions that may topple the plants if the containers are too shallow. May require staking. Keep soil moist and plant in full sun to part sun/part shade. Fertilize in the pond with aquatic plant tabbs. This tropical plant grows quickly throughout the summer months.


Category: MIN-3

Type: Marginal Bog Plant

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