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Dasa Jin | Large Versicolor Lotus Nelumbo | Favorite!

Dasajin (Nelumbo Nucifera) Fabulous 10-14” cream colored blooms are edged with beautiful, unusual purple markings. This is an exquisite, uncommon lotus and quite beautiful.  Give this beauty a lot of space and wide pots.  Plant in heavy clay soil or calcined clay using 23-30” wide pot. Be careful to keep the growth tips exposed. Water over the surface of pot can be 3-10”. Fertilize with two fertilizer tabs every two weeks once established.   (DO NOT FERTILIZE UNTIL YOU HAVE TWO AERIAL LEAVES GROWING UP OUT OF THE WATER)  LARGE/VERSICOLOR/MULTI-PETALED

Dasa Jin (Large Versicolor, multipetal lotus) - Premium Lotus, Temporary1

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