Regulated Aquatic Plants

List of Regulated and Invasive Plants By Law, State & Federal Combined
No company is allowed to ship anything considered an 'invasive species' into states where they have been deemed dangerous and invasive by law. If you know of any new developments as this is constantly changing state by state please email Kelly Billing, so that she may update the industry with a newer version of the list. 

Combined State and Federal Lists
May 30th, 2016
Common Name  Scientific Name States and/or Federal 
Moneywort  / Waterhyssop  Bacopa spp. PR, CA
Flowering Rush Butomus umbellatus CT, ID, IL, IN, MI, MN, MT, NE, NH, OR, SD county regulated, VT, WA, WI
Cabomba Cabomba caroliniana CA, CT, ID, MA, ME, MI, MN regulated, NH, NY, PR, VT, WA, WI
Canna Canna flaccida PR
HORNWORT Ceratophyllum demersum / HORNWORT PR
HORNWORT Ceratophyllum spp. PR
Wild Taro Colocasia esculenta PR
Taro Colocasia spp. HI (p) (q)
White Bog Lily Crinum americanum PR
ANACHARIS | Brazilian Elodea Egeria (Elodea) densa AL, CA, CO, CT, ID, IL, IN, MA, ME, MI, MN regulated, MS, MT regulated, NE, NH, NY, OR, PR, SC, VT, WA, WI
Anacharis Najas Egeria najas CA
Water Hyacinth Eichhornia crassipes AL, AR, AZ, CA county regulated, FL, LA, MN regulated, MS, NE, PR, SC, TX, City of Chicago, WI
Water Hyacinth Eichhornia spp. FL, PR
Spikerush Eleocharis spp. PR
Chameleon Plant Houttuynia cordata 'Variegata' City of Chicago
Pennywort Hydrocotyle spp. PR
Yellow Flag Iris Iris pseudacorus CT, ID, IL, IN, MA, MN regulated, MT, NY, OR, VT, WA, Canada
Blue Flag Iris virginica PR
Soft Rush Juncus effusus PR
Frogbit Limnobium spongia CA, PR
Uruguayan Primrose Willow Ludwigia grandiflora NY, Canada
Uruguay Waterprimrose Ludwigia hexapetala NC, NY, SC, WA
Water Primrose Ludwigia peploides NY, WA
Water Primrose Ludwigia peruviana CA, Canada
Red ludwigia Floating Waterprimrose Ludwigia repens PR
Waterprimrose Ludwigia spp. PR
Uruguay Waterprimrose Ludwigia uruguayensis NC, SC
Creeping Jenny Lysimachia nummularia MA, Long Island NY, Canada
Dwarf Four Leaf Clover Marsilea minuta OK
Variegated Four Leaf Clover Marsilea mutica OK
Four Leaf Clover Marsilea quadrifolia CT, OK, Canada
Aquatic Mint Mentha aquatica ID(q), MT(q), NE(q), WY(q)
Forget-me-not Myosotis scorpioides CT, MA
Parrot Feather Myriophyllum aquaticum AL, CA county regulated, CO, CT, ID, IL, IN, MA ,ME, MI,MN regulated, MT regulated, NE, NH, NY, OR, VT, WA, WI, PR, Canada
Australian Feather  Myriophyllum spp. ME, PR
American Lotus Nelumbo lutea CT, PR
Sacred Lotus Nelumbo nucifera WI
Spatterdock Nuphar luteum PR
Mexicana Water Lily Nymphaea mexicana CA, PR
Waterlily Nymphaea odorata CA , PR
Waterlily Nymphaea spp. CA county regulated
Crested Floating Heart Nymphoides cristata FL, NC
Water Snowflake Nymphoides indica NC
Water Celery Oenanthe javanica WI
Goldenclub Orontium aquaticum PR
Arrow-arum Peltandra virginica PR
Water Lettuce Pistia stratiotes AL, CA, FL, MS, PR, SC, TX, WI
Pickerel Rush Pontederia cordata CA (Pontederia cordata is not prohibited in CA however they will exercise their right of refusal and destroy all shipments in entirety when found), PR
Tropical Pickerelweed Pontederia rotundifolia FL
roundleaf Rotala Rotala rotundifolia CA
Bloody Dock Rumex spp. AR
Common Arrowhead Sagittaria latifolia PR
Arrowhead Sagittaria sagittifolia FED; IL, IN, MA, MN, NC, OK, WI, WV, Canada
Arrowhead Sagittaria spp. PR
Salvinia Salvinia spp.  LA, MI, OR, PR, TX
Lizards tail Saururus cernuus PR
Bulrush Scirpus spp. PR
Thailia Alligator-Flag Thalia geniculata PR
Water Chestnut Trapa spp. FL, LA, MI, NC
Narrow-Leaf Cattail Typha angustifolia IN, WI
Graceful Cattail Typha laxmannii WI
Cattail Hybrid Typha x glauca WI
Cattail Typha spp. PR
FED = Federal Noxious Weed List (entries are highlighted)
p = permit required
q = quarantine required       
Frequently offered in the trade
Genus spp. listing indicates any / all subspecies are prohibited. For example Typha spp. = any / all Cattails are prohibited to PR. 
Compiled from Federal and State confirmed lists, available online or provided by State agencies. 
Currently accepted names are from the Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN) database, USDA, ARS, USDA Plants Database, and Weed Science Society of America Composite List of Weeds
List excludes weeds designated as "Control is county option" but noted if known.
FL, NC, SC (as well as many other states) also adopt the list of Federal Noxious Weeds
MN also adopts the list of Federal Aquatic Noxious Weeds
MN Regulated=
PR (Puerto Rico) is also regulated as a state.


For more information on regulated aquatic plants check back here as we update the list. 
Thank you,

Zac deGarmeaux