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Planting & Displaying Water Garden Plants

Many Nurseries and pond installers are not as comfortable with water garden plants as they may be with terrestrial plants.

Aquatic plants are such an important part of the balanced ecosystem a pond can create if you have the knowledge to avoid a chemical trap.  Customers want a very easy pleasant natural system rather than something that needs as much attention as a chemically treated swimming pool.

We have new koi barriers for floating pants to survive with koi in the pond which so often are relentless tearing up plants. We also now have floating island options for those with little or no shelves , plant pockets, or natural bog areas for phyto-remeditation (the plant uptake in nutrients which prevents algae). 

Planting and displaying plants properly is essential to customer satisfaction. We have had customers call us and assume waterlilies bloom a few times a summer, they should have 1-3 blooms each and every day all summer. 

Prepare fertilizer with humates and micro-nutrients need to be in the aquatic soil matrix. 

Stones are too often used to cover the pots of the aquatic plants, these plants have no muscles and in nature you would not find them growing properly like this. Our video and photo guides of proper plantings will help you improve the plants by leaps and bounds.


Ken Landon Comments on Properly Fertilizing Water Lilies: COMING SOON