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Welcome! This form is for those in need of a good deal of personalized quality assistance. 
Beginners in need of personal assistance with a new water garden or water feature? We are happy to help homeowners, pond installers, project managers, golf courses, and so forth. Let us know a little about the project you have in mind by adding a little beginner information in the form below. We ask to know your state and or area so that we have a better understanding right away about the plants for your area. We will assign a personal Manager to the project who will contact you for more information. We can help you in most any part of the process. There is a project fee starting at $89 and going up for larger more complicated work. No commitment to the fees unless you agree to work on the project with the manager after the initial contact and work is set forth. Managers will guide you through a well educated process of doing your water feature one time the right way and should save you a lot more than the smaller initial investment. 

Only have a simple question and don't need design and planting assistance? Use the Ask Us button instead, we are of course happy to answer questions for free.