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Janice Wood - New Large White Annual Waterlily

Janice Wood Tropical White Waterlily 

New Large White Waterlily with distinctly mottled pads. A beautiful combination that adds beauty, depth and dimension to your water garden feature. The flowers are pristine with pure-white petals and sunny-yellow centers. The pads are lovely with dark purple mottling over dark green pads. This is a large waterlily that will grace a large pond or lake beautifully!

Planting Instructions

Plant this specimen in a wide, shallow container using heavy loam soil or aquatic planting media, place 1-2 feet beneath the surface of the water in full sun. Fertilize with Landon Granular Fertilizer for 80-90 days of growth and blooms or fertilize monthly with Waterlily World Fertilizer Tabbs + Humates for optimum growth and best bloom! 

Fertilizing Instructions

Fertilize often throughout the growing/blooming season for continuous bloom throughout the summer, May through September, depending on zone.

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