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Pond Lotus

Lotus are only available January-May. These plants are harvested as dormant tubers which are 'collected' in late January, February and March. Once the growing season commences lotus harvest ends. Early ordering ensures your lotus will arrive as the weather warms just in time for planting. Newly potted plants should NEVER be fertilized until 1 or 2 leaves are standing above the water. Start with 1-2 tablets every 10-15 days until strong growth begins and increase to 2-4 every thirty days depending on the size of the lotus. Large varieties requiring more fertilizer than dwarf. Wide planting containers are needed for lotus. Dwarf, 10-12" wide. Small, 12-16" wide. Medium, 16-24" wide. Large, 24"+ wide. The plants will grow in slightly smaller containers but foliage and flowering will may be diminished. Use a heavy loam soil, packaged aquatic soil or calcined clay / topsoil mix. AVOID anything with compost, rich in organic matter or bagged 'potting' soil intended for terrestrial plants. All lotus are Shallow Water Plants. Zone 3.