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New Lotus for 2017: Pond Lotus, Sacred Lotus, American Lotus

Posted on December 13, 2016 by Harry Hup

One of the largest and most popular companies in the USA for distributing Lotus, Pond Megastore is proud to announce the office website dedicated entirely to the lotus farm in Alabama. This site should launch today as the most extensive resource of information to homeowners for growing lotus from both tubers or from seed. 

There are also selections of all of the almost 200 hybrid lotus varieties from the farm now available for sale. No other product will be offered from this website and will be dedicated solely to the lotus plants. Laura Bancroft, grower and hybridizer will be featured on many videos throughout the website. 

Though only the American lotus species lutea will be offered for sale as seed there is still extensive information on growing any kind of lotus from a seed be it the other species from Asia or a hybrid cultivar. 

Many common questions as to soil type, overwintering a lotus, when to fertilize, how to handle pests, how deep to plant underwater, how large a container, and much more will be found in the many pages on the new site. 

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